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What to do when a loved one needs help

“My sister knows her alcohol use can be too much sometimes, but she still won’t cut back.”

“My dad’s heroin use is ruining his life. He knows this, but he still can’t stop.”

Often, those who suffer from substance addiction know that their drug use has negative consequences. Despite this, many still continue to use substances. Because addiction is a disease that causes changes in behaviors, those suffering from substance addiction can have extreme difficulty stopping substance use.

As a trusted friend or loved one, it’s important to provide support. Providing support means listening openly to somebody struggling with substance addiction. Most of all, providing support means encouraging a loved one to seek help when they need it. Referring a loved one to get professional help may end up saving his/her life.

Here at South Bay Connect, we make it our number one priority to give the utmost care to your loved one. Our team is well equipped and experienced in providing treatment plans for those struggling with alcohol use disorder, substance addictions, and/or other mental illnesses. We are an outpatient rehabilitation center dedicated to improving the quality of lives of our patients.

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