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What is anxiety and what is it caused by?

Anxiety is often thrown around in our daily vocabulary, but what does it truly mean to suffer from an anxiety disorder? According to the NIH, an anxiety disorder occurs when the feelings of anxiety fail to subside for a long duration of time. Furthermore, anxiety disorders can often interfere with job performance, school, and interpersonal relationships. People with anxiety disorders often describe themselves as feeling excessively “wound up” or “worried.” Common symptoms include difficulty in concentrating or difficulty in sleeping.


According to the Mayo Clinic, the causes of anxiety disorders aren’t clearly understood by scientists today. Often, anxiety disorders seem to stem from traumatic experiences. Some research suggests that anxiety may be genetic. Like most mental disorders, most scientists agree that those with anxiety disorders have both genetic and environmental components that contribute to the onset of the mental disorder.


The NIH notes that certain people are predisposed to struggling with anxiety disorders. Females tend to suffer from the disorder more often than males. Other factors that are associated with developing an anxiety disorder include being shy or inhibited as a child, being exposed to stressful life events, having fewer economic resources, and having a family history of mental disorders.


If you or a loved one are struggling with anxiety, contact us here at South Bay Connect. We are a team eager to treat you today. We are especially qualified to treat those who may struggle with both anxiety disorders and substance use disorders. We are a rehabilitation center located in the South Bay area, and we would love to support you.



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