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The Risks of IV/Injection Drug Use

IV drug use commonly occurs in those who use opiates, sedatives, crack/cocaine, or methamphetamine. Opiate drug use has significantly increased over the last decade, and often, IV drug use begins because of opiate use. Intravenous drug use indicates high risk for viral infections, such as HIV or Hepatitis B & C. Unsafe injections commonly occur because of dirty needles or unclean skin. Often, infections can be transmitted through the bloodstream with bacteria, and infections like Staph, MRSA and Strep are not uncommon.


Abscesses, necrosis, gangrene and limb amputations may result as a consequence of IV drug use. If you or a loved one are using IV drugs, reduce harm by ensuring that no equipment is shared. Find syringe exchange programs that will help reduce risks of infection. Here at South Bay Connect, we will help support you if you are struggling with IV drug use. We are an outpatient treatment program dedicated to finding the best treatment plan for you.

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