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Synthetic Opioids: A Rising Epidemic

Synthetic Opioids: A Rising Epidemic
Currently there is an Opioid Epidemic in the US. In 2010, the percentage of fatal synthetic opioid overdose deaths was around 11%, and in 2016 it increased to 46%. Most people associate prescription opioids like Vicodin and OxyContin as being major players in the opioid crisis. However, synthetic opioids, like fentanyl, have been on the rise and have surpassed other opioids as the most common agent in the fatal opioid overdoses. South Bay Connect Treatment Center and Dr. John Tsuang are ready to help you or a loved one avoid becoming another statistic in this opioid crisis.
Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, is a drug that is 50-100 times more potent than morphine. It has a fast-onset of action and also has a rapid respiratory suppression side effect. Fentanyl is also being mixed in with other drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine which pose a large risks to those abusing substances. Call South Bay Connect Treatment Center at (310) 776-7406 if you or a loved one are struggling with opioid abuse so that you can free yourself from this epidemic. Dr John Tsuang can offer some very effective treatment for opioid addiction immediately so do not hesitate to start your treatment now.
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