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Signs of Alcohol Addiction

People who suffer from alcohol abuse usually fail to recognize the warning signs of their dependence.  At South Bay Connect Treatment Center – with Dr. John Tsuang, an addiction specialist – we have the resources to help you or a loved one get the treatment to kick the alcohol to the curb.

There are many reasons why people drink alcohol, such as relieving stress, overcoming anxieties, for socializing, or even coping with life. Major warning signs of alcoholism are when drinking gets out of control, drinking alone or in secret, having blackouts, drinking more than one wants to and when the alcohol consumption impairs one’s ability to maintain relationships or work. Addiction to alcohol may lead to long-term effects like liver disease, increased risk of cancer, and brain damage.  South Bay Connect Treatment Center, located in San Pedro, provides a space where you can start saying no to alcohol and saying yes to getting back on track!

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