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Therapy Services in San Pedro & Hermosa Beach


How will therapy help Me with my recovery?

We recommend all individuals participating in our program receive weekly psychotherapy services.  These services may continue if an individual relapses or completes the program, since these services are provided separate from South Bay connect Treatment Center.  If you already have a Therapist, South Bay connect will coordinate treatment with that Therapist.  Otherwise we have partnered with Recovery NOW, Inc. to provide psychotherapy  services to our patients.  20160616_004241-e1467127162852-579x1030_Recovery NOW, Inc. is a group psychotherapy practice which has for a number of years been providing services to individuals with substance abuse problems and their families.   In addition to our Recovery NOW, Inc. Therapists, we have a number of  Therapists in the community who specialize in matters related to substance abuse and codependency which we often refer to.


Why is psychotherapy a part of your program?

When treating substance abuse and codependency, group therapy alone is not sufficient treatment.  Every individual has core issues which drive their substance abuse and codependency.  These core issues may not be able to be identified in group therapy due to the enormous shame an individual may experience when sharing such personal concerns.  Individual therapy provides a safe, non-judgmental environment for individuals to share concerns they may not feel comfortable doing so in a group setting.  If an individual fails to achieve identification and treatment of the core issues of their substance abuse and codependency, they will continue problem behaviors.  The combination of outpatient treatment with psychotherapy increases the success rate of our treatment program.


Can you also provide therapy for my children and other family members?

Yes, treating all family and friends who may have been affected by substance abuse is our mission in order to prevent future generations of substance abuse and codependency.  Recovery NOW’s team of Psychotherapists may assist and we also have a number of Psychotherapists in the community we often refer to.


How much does therapy cost?

Most insurance companies provide a mental health benefit. The cost of treatment will vary depending on the insurance and may be the same copay as your Primary Care Physician. We will verify with your insurance your mental health and substance abuse treatment benefits. If you are paying for treatment, Recovery NOW, Inc. will provide services for a significantly reduced rate.



Recovery Choices Support Group

NEW recovery_choices_logo (1)Recovery Choices is a support group sponsored by Recovery NOW, Inc. and is supported by group member donations.  This group is open to the public and provides support for anyone seeking sobriety from alcohol and drugs.  Seating is limited and we ask that you RSVP through the Recovery NOW website.  Please find the link below with detailed information on this group.

Recovery Choices Group




What is the Addiction Project Method for Relapse Prevention?

Addiction project TreesThe Addiction Project is a powerful program that uses Hypnotherapy to free people from the fear of relapse, create a life they love and stop the cravings and triggers. This method has helped thousands of people around the world for over 20 years. Hypnosis assists with identification and treatment of the core issues that cause addictions. The method changes how the neural pathways are activated and creates a new reaction to life events. It addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ending addiction and relapse.  Recovery NOW, Inc. has been successfully utilizing hypnotherapy to assist patients with managing triggers for a number of years.  Please see the links below on more detailed information:

Addiction Research Project




intervention2An Intervention is about motivating another individual to change despite their resistance to change. This motivation is achieved, when their loved ones and/or employer confront the individual regarding problem behaviors.  The Interventionist, Alicia MacGowan, LCSW, LAADC, CAI, a Licensed Trained Mental Health Professional, facilitates the group process and options for recovery.

For more detailed information on these services please visit Recovery NOW, Inc. website which also provides a step-by-step guide on how one may facilitate their own intervention.


Recovery NOW, Inc. Do It Yourself Intervention

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