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South Bay connect Outpatient Treatment Center

South Bay connect Treatment center offers two separate outpatient programs – substance abuse treatment outpatient and codependency outpatient treatment. Together, these two programs are working to stop substance use and reconnect families on a healthy foundation. Treating the whole family system also prevents future generations from perpetuating the cycle of substance abuse and/or codependency.  Our outpatient program is individualized to meet the individual needs of our patients.

Codependency outpatient program is for family members of patients participating in our substance abuse outpatient program as well as for those who do not have a family member in our program.  Family members are welcomed in our codependency program,  regardless if their loved ones are drinking, using, clean and sober, or attending a treatment program. 


 Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment

Our substance abuse outpatient treatment is designed to treat people who wish to receive treatment while maintaining the responsibilities of their daily lives. We provide a safe environment in which patients can receive clinical care, build a sobriety support network, and learn practical tools that can be used to address triggers to alcohol and drug problems. In conjunction with groups we provide additional services which together assist our patients with understanding the core individual issues of their addiction in order to allow for long-term sobriety. Helping individuals to develop happy, healthy sober lifestyles is our goal.


Codependency Outpatient Treatment

People who are substance abusers are often involved in relationships with codependent people. ThoughCODA family other substance abuse outpatient programs, we offer family therapy and  are the first to offer an outpatient treatment program for codependent individuals – regardless of whether a family member is enrolled in a substance abuse program. Like substance abuse, codependency recovery is not an overnight process. Codependency may have many of the same consequences as substance abuse. Assisting codependents with developing more appropriate boundaries in all areas of their lives as well as improving their overall self-care is our goal.


Additional Therapies and Services Provided Outside of South Bay connect Treatment Center

We utilize a wide range of therapies and services at South Bay connect Outpatient Treatment Center. Each patient’s outpatient program is personalized to fit their individual needs. Dr. Tsuang and Alicia MacGowan have been providing the following services for many years in their private practices and have partnered with South Bay connect Outpatient Treatment Center to extend these services to South Bay connect outpatients and the community.  Please click on any of the services below to find out more detailed information:


Medical Services in Torrance

Provided by John Tsuang, M.D., M.S., A.S.A.M.

Psychiatric Medication Management

Outpatient Detox

Suboxone Treatment

Therapy Services in Hermosa Beach and San Pedro

Provided by Recovery NOW, Inc.



Recovery Choices Support Group


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