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How does your body handle alcohol?

Though some people argue that alcohol is not a true “drug”, due to its legal status, alcohol is certainly a psychoactive substance that alters the functioning of the mind and body. In large doses, alcohol has long-term harmful and toxic effects.

The alcohol molecule (or ethanol molecule) is a small one. Because it’s so small, it can easily diffuse into all the tissues of your body. The organ that is most affected by excessive alcohol intake is the liver. Researchers believe that because alcohol is processed in the liver with an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase, the effects of alcohol on the liver are the greatest. Frequently, heavy drinking can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, which is the scarring of your normal tissues. If cirrhosis can become severe enough, liver failure can occur, and a liver transplant may be required in order to maintain a healthy life. There is no known cure for liver cirrhosis; however, consulting with a doctor or health professional can prevent cirrhosis and other negative medical consequences from happening. Here in South Bay connect Outpatient Treatment Program in San Pedro, we serve as a rehab center to slow or stop the progression of alcohol inflicted permanent physiological damages.

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