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How does my drug addiction hurt those around me?

For those who are addicted to substances, it may be hard to clearly see who they are hurting. When ingesting/taking a substance, it is commonly heard by clinicians that, “They’re only hurting themselves.” In reality, an addict’s substance use not only hurts him/herself, but also hurts those around him/her.

For those who are in relationships with an addict, lies and manipulation are often the norm. An addict typically spends much of their time and energy thinking about, doing, or suffering from the effects of the drug. This leaves an addict’s spouse/significant other to feel neglected and even abused if subject to manipulation. Often, those who are in relationships with an addict feel resentment, bitterness, jealousy, and neglect.

The family unit is often disrupted once drug addiction takes over a family member’s life. For addicts who have children, financial stress may often be a problem. Utilizing resources to obtain drugs and alcohol may leave little financial resources for a child to live a healthy and productive life. Even further, drug abuse may cause an addict to be emotionally, physically, or sexually abusive to their children. This sort of abuse often leads to long-lasting psychological damage for children and teenagers. Some government studies estimate that 50-80 percent of child abuse can be attributed to parents engaging in drug/alcohol abuse.

If you feel that your substance addiction is causing harm to your loved ones, call us today. We offer the utmost compassion and understanding in your treatment plan. Please reach out to us today. We are a detoxification center focused on supporting you through obstacles.


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