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San Pedro Rehab Center

South Bay Connect Offers a Unique Approach to Substance Abuse

There are a wide variety of issues facing modern healthcare today. While medical advances have progressed a long way to make diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer more manageable, there are other diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and addiction that continue to plague modern medicine. In fact, substance abuse, dependency, and addiction are some of the few categories of modern healthcare that still face a stigma from others. While there are many people out there who believe that people struggling with addiction have brought their problems on themselves, there are other people who invest a significant amount of time developing resources that can help these individuals get their lives back on track.

When people struggling with addiction need help, there are a wide variety of resources available for a San Pedro Rehab Center. Some people first seek the assistance of an over the counter remedy that can help with cravings. When this doesn’t work, they often turn to a medical professional for assistance. This professional can offer counseling or prescription treatment options but will often refer the individual to a professional treatment program that specializes in dealing with addiction. Even within these programs, the type can range from outpatient counseling to full inpatient treatment or everything in between. One of the addiction treatment programs paving the way for others is South Bay Connect which is a San Pedro Rehab Center

South Bay Connect is a Rehab Center in San Pedro. This is a unique addiction treatment program because it does not attempt to cut the people struggling with addiction off from the world. So many programs will try to completely sever the connection their patients have with the outside world in an attempt to focus the patient on the task at hand. South Bay Connect treatment center is an Intensive Outpatient Program that emphasizes the importance of these relationships. In fact, the center creates an atmosphere where the entire family is treated regardless of the single family member who is actually dealing with substance abuse or dependency problems. The theory behind this is that if the entire family can change their behavior then the circumstances that created the substance abuse problem will then disappear.

This San Pedro Rehab Center understands that everyone’s circumstances surrounding their struggles with addiction is different. Because the circumstances are different, everyone’s individual substance abuse problems are different and merit an individualized treatment plan. To this end, South Bay Connect offers two distinct treatment modalities to help the patients discover the proper treatment plan for their illness. These are called the Substance Abuse Treatment Program and the Codependency Treatment Program.

The Substance Abuse Treatment Program is more of a traditional treatment program that people think about when the idea of substance abuse and addiction treatment crosses their mind. This program uses the tried and true treatment methods featuring a slight South Bay Connect twist that helps individuals struggling with addiction to accomplish their goals. South Bay Connect offers step by step care starting with the initial detoxification process and following the patients all the way through to regularly scheduled treatments even after they are discharged from the program. Detox is a dangerous process and withdrawal from certain substances, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines, can actually kill a patient. Therefore, experienced professionals are with the patients every step of the way. These experienced professionals do not only treat the substance abuse or addiction but also focus on treating the individual patient. This is an important aspect that often gets neglected in the treatment of substance abuse. Counselors and medical professionals need to understand the details of not only the substance that is being abused but also the person who is struggling with addiction. By finding the causes of the substance abuse problem and the facets of life that make a person happy, the treatment process can be tailored to the specific needs of the individual. This offers the best hope for a successful substance abuse treatment program.

In addition, South Bay Connect offers a one of a kind Codependency Treatment Program. This is a unique program that designs outpatient treatment for people who struggle with codependency. These are often individuals who find that their purpose in life stems from meeting the needs of others. This is a specific kind of treatment that focuses on the circumstances that led to the start of this codependency and tries to find healthy solutions that affect positive change. The Codependency Treatment Program works hard to remove the pillars that support this codependent lifestyle and create a positive healthy environment that works for the benefit of everyone. By changing the ecosystem, the entire family unit will find an increased sense of happiness in life. While many people who struggle with codependency also struggle with alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use, they are still welcomed in this program. In fact, all family members are encouraged to attend. The more people that are included in this codependent treatment program that better opportunity this program has to succeed.

South Bay Connect is a San Pedro Rehab Center founded on the principles of recovery, hope and change. At South Bay Connect, the experienced professionals believe that everyone deserves the opportunity for a second chance. By creating an optimistic atmosphere that focuses on the potential for recovery, individuals have the best chance to create opportunities for positive change and a better lifestyle.

At South Bay Connect Rehab Center in San Pedro, the program understands that the best prospects for recovery focus on the inclusion of the entire family. The treatment focuses on taking advantage of the unique aspect of people that have been present for the substance abuse problem since the beginning. The valuable information that is gleaned from this process is used to affect positive change in the treatment process.

Without a positive outlook from the patient and the family members, there is no chance for a successful recovery. This is why hope is a central pillar of the South Bay Connect mission. The experienced professionals maintain focus on maintaining the spirits of the individuals undergoing the stressful treatment process. The impressive track record of the program’s founders understand the importance of a positive mindset.

Finally, disrupting the circumstances that gave rise to the abuse in the first place is the most important facet of any treatment process. Removing the tendencies that led to the substance abuse means changing the lifestyle of the entire family. Everyone is armed with the skills necessary to promote improved communication, employ new coping skills, and ensure that every generation remains free from the negative consequences of abuse. These central pillars of the Rehab Center in San Pedro have successfully helped countless lives and will continue to do so in the future.

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