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Palos Verdes Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Cutting Edge Treatment for Substance Abuse and Dependence

Mental health and substance abuse continue to be major problems in society despite the attention and medical advancements that have been made in recent years. There is still a substantial stigma around mental health, addiction, and substance abuse despite the issues that these people often struggle with. Individuals struggling with substance abuse often completely destroy their relationships in an effort to find their next fix. They might drive hundreds of miles to visit a doctor who might prescribe prescription medications. They could wind up drinking while at work to prevent withdrawal. They neglect their friends and family all in an effort to prioritize their addiction over other important aspects of their lives. These are all warning signs that a treatment program from Palos Verdes Drug & Alcohol Treatment is needed.

There are numerous options for Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Palos Verdes available. They all take different approaches. Some people rely on products sold in stores to tide over their cravings or occupy their minds on other issues. Others turn to a therapist who can help them with their mindset and try to change the circumstances that led to their addiction. Other people might require a more intense program that involves outpatient therapy, inpatient treatment, or both. Often, people struggling with their addiction are brought to a medical professional by their loved ones who will then refer them to several different options. For individuals seeking a drug and alcohol treatment in Palos Verdes, South Bay Connect is a program that specializes in Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Palos Verdes. They offer several unique programs to help an individual tailor their treatment process to specifically address their individual need.

The substance abuse treatment program at South Bay Connect has been honed over many years to focus on managing and treating the very foundation of addiction. South Bay Connect uses evidence-based medicine and individualized Palos Verdes Drug & Alcohol Treatment in a synergistic way to help patients regain control of their lives and expedite the recovery process. By addressing the original causes of the addiction, the potential for long-term recovery is maximized.

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