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Codependent relationships

The line between a healthy partnership and a codependent relationship is one that is often crossed. According to psych central, codependency is characterized by a relationship that is excessively dependent on their partner. Most often, one person may feel that they depend on the other for meeting all their emotional and self-esteem needs. Unfortunately, these relationships often go hand-in-hand with irresponsible, addictive, or damaging behaviors.

If you’ve ever felt that you are living to meet your partner’s needs, then you should examine your relationship and consider whether you are codependent. Codependent relationships do not bode well for mental health, and can often include problematic issues such as low self-esteem. If you’ve ever suffered through excessively painful emotions at the hands of a relationship, please contact South Bay Connect now. We are a treatment team ready to discuss your needs. Our specialist, Alicia MacGowan, will provide you support to help establish healthy relationships.

source: https://psychcentral.com/lib/symptoms-of-codependency/

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