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The Risks of IV/Injection Drug Use

IV drug use commonly occurs in those who use opiates, sedatives, crack/cocaine, or methamphetamine. Opiate drug use has significantly increased over the last decade, and often, IV drug use begins because of opiate use. Intravenous drug use indicates high risk for viral infections, such as HIV or Hepatitis B & C. Unsafe injections commonly occur… Read More

How does detoxification work?

It seems counterintuitive to give drugs to people suffering from substance addiction, but this is often necessary to ensure the patient’s safety. Withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that it results in seizures, hyper-excitability, cessation of breathing, and sometimes death. Delirium tremens is said in the medical community to describe severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms that… Read More

South Bay connect Outpatient Treatment Center’s Dual Recovery Anonymous Group

12-step support group for individuals who are seeking support with mental health and substance abuse concerns. When Sundays 3:30 to 5:00 Where 916 North Western, Suite 205 San Pedro, CA 90732 Flyer for Print Dual Recovery Meeting

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