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Codependent relationships

The line between a healthy partnership and a codependent relationship is one that is often crossed. According to psych central, codependency is characterized by a relationship that is excessively dependent on their partner. Most often, one person may feel that they depend on the other for meeting all their emotional and self-esteem needs. Unfortunately, these… Read More

Empty Nest Syndrome

While empty nest syndrome isn’t a clinical diagnosis, it’s often followed by symptoms similar to depression. Parents tend to experience empty nest syndrome when their last child leaves home. While parents work hard to raise independent adults, letting go is painful and emotionally taxing. What are the symptoms of empty nest syndrome? Empty nest syndrome… Read More

What is Love Addiction?

Love addiction might sound like something from out of a movie, but it’s a real addiction that has a true impact on the lives of people suffering from it, as well as those around them. But just what is love addiction and how can it be helped? Read on to find out what love addiction… Read More

Spring has Sprung: Seasonal Affective Disorder & its Effects on Mood

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and the impact on our moods have only recently become an issue that many of us are aware of. As the sunshine-filled hours grow shorter and the evening hours longer and cooler, many of us feel a profound change in our moods and overall mental well-being. Spring brings with it the… Read More

How Enabling Allows Addiction to Continue​

More than 20 million people are addicted to alcohol, drugs or other addictions process such as gambling, sex or shopping. Most addicts refuse to go to a treatment because their relatives, friends, and other people they know are enabling them to continue to use alcohol and drugs which cripples them from recovering from their addiction. Read… Read More

Addiction is a Family Disease

Treating Only the Individual Discredits the Family Experience Almost every substance abuser has a family member somewhere that loves them so much it hurts. People on the outside often assume the addict is the one in pain. While this is true, it discredits the long term effects addiction has on the whole family. The focus of the… Read More

New Innovative Treatment Model Focuses on Codependency in Addition to Substance Abuse

South Bay connect is unique, since we have a codependency program that one may participate in even if their family member is not attending our substance abuse treatment program.  Often family members will first receive their own treatment before the individual abusing substances receives the necessary help.  We have found while working with patients in… Read More

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