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How do depression and addiction intertwine?

The definition of addiction is a chronically relapsing disorder that is characterized by a compulsion to look for and take drugs. Loss of control and inability to limit intake is quite characteristic of addiction. Many times, the emergence of a negative emotional state like stress, dysphoria, anxiety, or irritability occurs when access to the substance… Read More

What should I know about methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine, otherwise known as meth, crystal, speed, ice, uppers, or crosstops, tina, or glass, is a crystalline white powder that dissolves in water. The effects of methamphetamine are stimulating—upon consumption of meth, heart rate increases drastically and the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is activated. Often, this comes with elevated blood pressure, rapid… Read More

What to do when a loved one needs help

“My sister knows her alcohol use can be too much sometimes, but she still won’t cut back.” “My dad’s heroin use is ruining his life. He knows this, but he still can’t stop.” Often, those who suffer from substance addiction know that their drug use has negative consequences. Despite this, many still continue to use… Read More

When do I seek help?

Addiction is a growing problem in society, and with the growth of both prescription medicine and street drugs, it’s become an even more daunting problem in society. For those who use substances or alcohol frequently, it’s often hard to discern if you truly need to “get help.” Here are some important questions you should ask… Read More

How does detoxification work?

It seems counterintuitive to give drugs to people suffering from substance addiction, but this is often necessary to ensure the patient’s safety. Withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that it results in seizures, hyper-excitability, cessation of breathing, and sometimes death. Delirium tremens is said in the medical community to describe severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms that… Read More

What is a dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis, otherwise known as co-occurring disorders or concomitant disorders, occurs when there are two afflictions at once. For example, if a person has an alcohol use disorder and is also suffering from depression, they are said to have a dual diagnosis. A physician’s job is to figure out if substance use disorder is causing… Read More

An overview of synthetic cannabinoids

Synthetic cannabinoids were first created as legal substrates to be used only in scientific research, not for human consumption. As such, this brings about problems of integrity of the drug, especially when sold and consumed in the streets. Synthetic cannabinoids actually do not bear similarity to THC (the psychoactive chemical present in marijuana), however, the… Read More

The effects of opioids

Opioids, despite the fact that they are originally based on the natural poppy plant containing opium, do have dangerous side effects. For one, despite the fact that they’re frequently prescribed by doctors for pain relief, they have a pretty high potential for chemical addiction. For heroin, one study says that 23% of people who have… Read More

How do opioids work?

Opiate naturally comes from the opium poppy. Opioids, on the other hand, are synthetically created drugs, and encompass things like morphine, codeine, or heroin. Usually, opioids are used to treat pain. They work by acting like natural endorphins in our body and binding to the receptors that endorphins usually bind to, directly produce feelings of… Read More

Can marijuana be addicting?

Often, users of marijuana make the assertion that marijuana “isn’t addictive” citing reasons like the plant is natural, or that not many users of marijuana get addicted to the drug. Despite this, evidence has shown that there is certainly a possibility that users of marijuana can have endocannabinoid receptor regulation, or cannabis receptor dysregulation in… Read More

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