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  • Does Alcohol Really Help People Sleep?

    Alcohol is sedating and many people consume it to fall sleep. However, over a long time, alcohol loses its sedative property.  Most studies have shown that alcohol will impair sleep over long term. How Can Alcohol Impair Sleep: 1) Too Much Alcohol Can Cause People To Wake Up When people drink too much alcohol to help themselves fall asleep, eventually, they will wake up in the middle of the night.  Once awake,  they might… Read More

  • Holiday Season – Avoiding Alcohol Problems

    Halloween marks the advent of the holiday season.  Holidays are characterized by parties and many fun activities to indulge in food and drinks. Creating a Plan Whenever family, friends, and work colleagues meet to loosen up and have some fun, drinking may be involved. Holiday celebrations may have us dressing up and the party mood… Read More

  • Addiction is a Family Disease

    Treating Only the Individual Discredits the Family Experience Almost every substance abuser has a family member somewhere that loves them so much it hurts. People on the outside often assume the addict is the one in pain. While this is true, it discredits the long term effects addiction has on the whole family. The focus of the… Read More

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