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  • alcohol-changes-behavior

    Why does Alcohol Change Behavior?

    Alcohol is known across society to cause “disinhibition,” in which a person’s feelings and thoughts are no longer under the same amount of restraint as they used to be. The cortex, which is considered the “responsible” or “thoughtful” part of the brain, shows less activity when inebriated. More specifically, the frontal cortex, which is responsible… Read More

  • chemical-dependence

    The Genetics of Chemical Dependence

    Typically, physicians and clinicians point to the mesolimbic dopamine system as the area that makes somebody highly chemically addicted to a substance. Why do some people get addicted to certain drugs, while other people who have used the drug before do not? The answer is complex, but the vast majority of researchers on addiction do… Read More

  • Heart shaped padlock fastened onto fence

    What is Love Addiction?

    Love addiction might sound like something from out of a movie, but it’s a real addiction that has a true impact on the lives of people suffering from it, as well as those around them. But just what is love addiction and how can it be helped? Read on to find out what love addiction… Read More

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