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  • Image of controlled drugs on top of a prescription paper

    The effects of opioids

    Opioids, despite the fact that they are originally based on the natural poppy plant containing opium, do have dangerous side effects. For one, despite the fact that they’re frequently prescribed by doctors for pain relief, they have a pretty high potential for chemical addiction. For heroin, one study says that 23% of people who have… Read More

  • Picture of a Papaver field

    How do opioids work?

    Opiate naturally comes from the opium poppy. Opioids, on the other hand, are synthetically created drugs, and encompass things like morphine, codeine, or heroin. Usually, opioids are used to treat pain. They work by acting like natural endorphins in our body and binding to the receptors that endorphins usually bind to, directly produce feelings of… Read More

  • Distraught young man sitting on the ground against a wall, alone, with his hands on his head

    Can marijuana be addicting?

    Often, users of marijuana make the assertion that marijuana “isn’t addictive” citing reasons like the plant is natural, or that not many users of marijuana get addicted to the drug. Despite this, evidence has shown that there is certainly a possibility that users of marijuana can have endocannabinoid receptor regulation, or cannabis receptor dysregulation in… Read More

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