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  • How does detoxification work?

    It seems counterintuitive to give drugs to people suffering from substance addiction, but this is often necessary to ensure the patient’s safety. Withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that it results in seizures, hyper-excitability, cessation of breathing, and sometimes death. Delirium tremens is said in the medical community to describe severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms that… Read More

  • What is a dual diagnosis?

    Dual diagnosis, otherwise known as co-occurring disorders or concomitant disorders, occurs when there are two afflictions at once. For example, if a person has an alcohol use disorder and is also suffering from depression, they are said to have a dual diagnosis. A physician’s job is to figure out if substance use disorder is causing… Read More

  • Photo of a marajuana joint on a desk giving off smoke

    An overview of synthetic cannabinoids

    Synthetic cannabinoids were first created as legal substrates to be used only in scientific research, not for human consumption. As such, this brings about problems of integrity of the drug, especially when sold and consumed in the streets. Synthetic cannabinoids actually do not bear similarity to THC (the psychoactive chemical present in marijuana), however, the… Read More

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