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Who We Are


Welcome to South Bay connect Treatment Center, an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in San Pedro, CA, offering whole-family treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse and their loved ones. We are a different kind of treatment center – one that emphasizes the importance of relationship connections between loved ones who are trapped in negative behavioral patterns. Our distinct approach allows us to offer two different treatment pathways:  Substance Abuse Treatment Program and the Codependency Treatment Program.


Substance Abuse Treatment Program


Imagine finding freedom from drugs and alcohol in a safe environment surrounded by experienced professionals who understand substance abuse is about much more than the substance being abused. It is about you, and the unique obstacles that stand in your path to recovery.

                                                                    A brighter tomorrow is possible.                                                                      We’ll help you find it.


Codependency Treatment Program


We are the first to offer outpatient treatment specifically for codependent individuals who find their sense of purpose or worth in the approval or needs of others. Our codependency treatment program spotlights the origins of codependency and provides positive solutions for healthy change. Removing codependent tendencies from the family ecosystem can produce positive benefits for generations to come.  Family members are welcomed, regardless if their loved ones are drinking, using, clean and sober, or attending a treatment program.


Our Goal is to Provide Recovery, Hope, and Change
Don’t let substance abuse put a wedge between you and the ones you love. Get your life back and transform your family’s future with substance abuse and codependency outpatient rehabilitation from South Bay connect Treatment Center.




Why South Bay connect




Recovering from substance abuse  and codependency requires change for the whole family system versus an individually focused treatment.  Our comprehensive treatment seeks to understand the core issues contributing to these problems.  Once an individual understands why, they can make the necessary changes to cope more effectively with their lives.  Reconnecting individuals and families with loved ones and society at large is our primary goal.




By the time an individual decides to seek treatment he/she has often determined their situation is hopeless.  Our highly qualified Team of Professionals focus on restoring hope and tapping into one’s strength and resilience.  Our Founders have 50 plus cumulative years clinical experience, John Tsuang, M.D., M.S., A.S.A.M., a world renowned Addiction Psychiatrist, and Alicia MacGowan, L.C.S.W., L.A.A.D.C., C.A.I., a well-respected Licensed Psychotherapist, have developed a treatment model which includes the support of your peers with group therapy as well as the opportunity to gain an enlightened understanding of your core issues while attending psychotherapy.  Let our South Bay connect Treatment Center programs inspire hope for you and your family in order to make the necessary positive changes.




Our goal at South Bay connect is to disrupt the legacy of substance abuse and codependency for the patients we assist.  Through our Founders many years of clinical experience treating individuals and their families and our expert Staff, we know that when a whole family system learns to change together, they reconnect.  Empowering families by arming them with new positive communication strategies and coping skills promotes prevention and frees future generations from the legacy of substance abuse and codependency.  The war on drugs can only be won one family at a time.  Treating substance abuse and codependency with our patients allows future generations the opportunity to do something different.



Welcome to South Bay connect Treatment Center



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transportation option in geographic areas between Culver City and Huntington Beach